About us

Hillbilly Willy’s is a family owned and operated barbecue restaurant located at the foot of Chattanooga’s Lookout Mountain.  Click here for Directions



I (George AKA Willy) started out as a 9-year-old kid who couldn’t get enough fried eggs.  My dear mam-maw finally stood me up in a chair and said, “Son, I’m going to show you this one time”!  That day I learned cooking came easy for me. From there I graduated to spending many summers cooking my breakfast and lunch over my Grandpa’s home-made stone pit in the backyard. That’s when the passion for cooking over an open fire began. Like most restaurants, Hillbilly Willy’s was started as a hobby, cooking for family and friends.  With the encouragement and support from my wife, Angela, daughters: Tiffany, Holly, Erica, my Mom, Dolores and friends: Brian and Jason, we opened our first restaurant in Ooltewah, Tn.  It was the definition of “humble beginnings”with just a shack and a drive through window.  The taste of our barbecue made up for everything else.  In fact, in just three years, we quickly out grew the space and moved to our current location in Lookout Valley, just below Lookout Mountain.


The Hillbilly Gang

Our employees work extra hard to make sure you have wonderful experience with us!